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Masai Mara is Kenya Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Masai Mara is Kenya - Essay Example The atmosphere here is delicate, once in a while too hot and very much spread precipitation all year. Downpour, when it falls quite often picks the late evening or night. Among July and October, when the extraordinary wildebeest relocation is in the Mara, the sensation is unrivaled. This awesome region of open field covers around 1520 sq km in the south-west corner of Kenya. The Masai Mara lies around 270 km from Nairobi and takes around 5 hours by street. There are planned flights, twice day by day from Wilson Airport Nairobi, which take around 40 - 45 minutes. The primary sight of this normal wonderland is amazing. Here the incredible crowds of rearranging elephants peruse among the rich tree-studded meadows with a periodic locating of a lone and cranky rhino. Thomson's and Grant's gazelle, topi-a pronghorn not found in other significant parks and eland and a lot more types of fields' down offer a rich decision of nourishment for the prevailing predators; lion, panther and cheetah which chase in this unblemished wild. In the Mara waterway, hippo lower at the methodology of a vehicle just to surface seconds after the fact to grunt and protest their dismay. Apparently languid crocodile sunbathe on the stream banks, mouth agape, trusting that prey at which will hit with lightning quickness. Be that as it may, this wealth of fauna, this bounty of winged magnificence and the immaculate delicacy of the scene, are for the most part subordinate to the Mara's first fascination, the walk of the wildebeest. Every year, far south in the incredible immeasurability of the Serengeti, the wildebeest raise their honorable however curious heads, sniff the air and, as though by one accord, start the long trek to the Kenya outskirt and the Masai Mara. In the wake of depleting the touching in Tanzania's northern Serengeti an enormous number of wildebeest and zebra enter the Masai Mara. Around the finish of June drawn by the sweet grass raised by the long rains of April and May. It is evaluated that the greater part a million wildebeest enter the Mara and are joined by another 100,000 from the Loita Hills east of the Mara Driving amidst these incredible crowds is an incomprehensible encounter. While the eyes devour the exhibition, the air conveys the scents, the residue and the hints of a huge number of creatures. This movement of the wild mammoths has been considered as the seventh New Wonder of the World. Wildebeests may have been making the trek for many years, adapting to malady, dry season and predators. It's one of the incredible ponders as far as creature relocations, says oceanographer Sylvia Earle. It's right preposterous. The wildebeests do carry parity to this delicate biological system, comprised of the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. They are the central core of the Great Migration - the way to endurance on the tremendous fields. Without the movement, it's harder to consider Serengeti-Mara being what it is today, Hirji said. Everything else makes due inside that relocation - the predators, etc the vegetation. The excursion is truly the hover of life. It happens all year, a 700-mile trek, finely tuned to the district's blustery seasons. The crowds follow the downpour. Serengeti-Mara environments [are] viewed as maybe the remainder of the

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Avon: Manage Change in Organizational Behaviour

Avon: Manage Change in Organizational Behavior Presentation AND BACKGROUND Change is something indispensable in todays condition for very association because of the different variables like monetary change, innovation changes and rivalry change and so on. The hierarchical conduct is introduction of the authoritative culture, structure and people working in the association. So the adjustment in any factor will at last impact on the conduct of the association (Ajzen, 1988) and it is basic to deal with these progressions in fitting and deliberate habits so as to dodge disappointments at vital level. Have utilized the Avon the organization for ladies as of late; have experienced the auxiliary changes frequently because of the monetary good and bad times in recent years and furious rivalry in advertise which have requested the significant expense proficiency and quality. Avon American based corrective organization which have just item portfolios for ladies giving the scope of items beginning from beautifying agents to excellence and style. Avon is known for their extraordinary dissemination channels where items are not sold in conventional shops shows rather the items are offered entryway to entryway by the Avon delegates prompting make the biggest group of agents with in excess of 5,000,000 over the globe. Explanations behind CHANGE AVON COMPANY As of late the change is basic for each association to make due for long haul and support in exceptionally serious condition. Associations neglect to change the frameworks and themselves in present day condition misfortune there market and standings model are numerous IT and related organizations which come to approach smother. Anyway there following average reasons in current period which have lead the associations to made changes in their structures and practices; Innovation refreshes: lately the association effectiveness and cost investment funds is subject to the utilization of appropriate innovation arrangements and they need the innovation to keep up themselves in the exceptionally serious market. So the associations which didn't receive the reasonable innovation might be the casualty of wasteful aspects, slow creations developments and less overall revenues, further the utilization of suitable innovation and making it some portion of the system is greatest test for todays associations. Rivalry circumstance: rivalry have transformed it selves to the profoundly unpredictable and savage where it endure the associations need to change themselves constantly so as to stay ahead in the game, where worldwide associations have receive the opposition system by making themselves exceptionally economical, moral qualities and refreshed for the changing condition with more spotlight on contending through computerized world. Monetary conditions : A couple of years prior the financial conditions was practically steady and as per the example however ongoing credit crunch have left the associations questionable about their future and demonstrate there getting ready for their future may require the minor or complete update. So all things considered the associations are expecting the dubious and concealed financial conditions later on and best procedure to bargain these vulnerabilities is that the organizations change their structure and conduct adaptable enough to consolidate the changes. Changes reasons in Avon; Avon has especially headed to change by the accompanying variables; Cost reserve funds: like different beauty care products organizations the Avon additionally confronting the test to keep up their benefit level with limiting the expense and effectiveness. Te Avon have started the cost sparing plan in 2008 which will be further wait till 2015 which will guarantee the enormous changes in the association with in this timespan including the people center to spare cost much as could reasonably be expected and guarantee the cost reserve funds in future timeframe. Deal delegates: the economy ruin left the human asset jobless and disappoints where Avon accepted the open door and make their vital mean to expand their deal agent base solid and change the manner in which association manages their work power making them the most good with the new condition. More abilities advancement: Traditionally Avon have worked with the restricted yet high class aptitudes which were constrained to the top level , anyway Avon is presently concentrating more on assignment and expertise improvement in all degree of staff so the association rose as the profoundly perfect. CHANGE STRATEGY AND CHANGE PROCESS Hierarchical change requires the total key standing and concern and ought to be received and made on the more elevated level, where this procedure starts with making the away from of the association after change and how the diverse perspective and settings will be managed in course of making the methodology for change. Change Philosophy; Change theory may comprise of the associations standing and vision about the change and how they see it like Avon has accepted the change as the mean of rivalry and fusing the ongoing outside changes in the association anyway the most associations have accepted it as the specialty of the associations easygoing tasks and part of the hierarchical life cycle for other people, it is uncommon and one off occasion after lengthy timespan and because of the extraordinary reasons. Change Approach: This can be agents of how the associations will deal with the change procedure and how the change procedure will continue. The methodology can be either top down or base up where the top down methodology implies the lower staff are headed to change by higher administration anyway the base up approach implies the lower staff have been the factor which have understood the upper administration drive the change procedure. The most widely recognized methodology is blender of each approach as the leads can't bring the change without workers assent. Style: The style may introduce the view of the administration about the change like it is possible that they are taking as the extremely significant and making redundancies to bring the progressions or the association are bringing the change through the inclusion of workers with constant commitment from them. Job of others: The change is driven by the people in the association which ought to obviously recognize the order of individual participating simultaneously and there ought to be the away from of duties and job. Change suggestion models; The change models are methodical methodology of the organization to embrace the change, where numerous analysts have consolidated numerous components and difficulties to make norms procedures to get the progressions the association. There are number of models utilized for change execution and there is no standard about each model to be embraced for the change for each association and conditions. Anyway there are following normal models are embraced by most of associations; Equalization score card: is where the change is actualized in different regions of the business with alternate point of view lastly the general effect is determined to cause the general change to occur in the association. The principle change regions are monetary, operational, gracefully chain and innovation and so on. Kaizen: this is the model which have dependent on the way of thinking that the change is the piece of the hierarchical tasks and there must consistently the augmentations in the framework and enhancements through the organization immediately. The Kaizen propose that the change is the capacity which association receive like every single other capacity like promoting or creation and so forth. The Kaizen model is proposing the assembling with the way of thinking of zero impact and all out quality administration in the association. Kotters change model: this model presents the bit by bit way to deal with change process where the change could be received as the side activity of the association over the period absent a lot of obstruction in the essential capacities anyway his model additionally similarly adoptable in changes which require the absolute side project the organization. The Kotters model permits the associations to distinguish and deal with the difficulties in the change procedure like the obstruction from partners and inspiration and so forth. Kotters eight stage guarantee the association have experienced the cautious procedure to deal with the adjustment in structure with least hazard factors. Business process reengineering: is the way of thinking for change where the focal point of the administration to change the style of working and ways the capacities are performed previously so to play out the specific errand the association is more spotlight on the changing the methods of working wiping out the wasteful aspects and slacknesss making it progressively proficient and beneficial. Different techniques are balance score card, Lewins model and activity explore model and so on The above expressed models are increasingly compelling in individual and one of a kind conditions and there ought to be examination lead by the executives so as to locate the model is best appropriate to the associations one of a kind conditions and it is prescribed to remain on one model once being received. There are following inquiries which the administrations ought to consider before prescribing any model to the organization; How as often as possible the change occur in the association for instance for visit change the kaizen model is best appropriate or other savvy The amount Time assigned to the change procedure occur for instance Kotters model permit the both present moment or long haul change anyway the Lewins change model is utilized for change in brief timeframe period is use What is simply the Reason of progress characterize the model embraced for the gradual change the Kotter model or the Kaizen is adoptable anyway the financial crunches or any crisis change may require the side project change process recommending the Lewins or Action Research technique base What are the association and their business nature and type, fabricating favor the procedure reengineering and so on Suggested for the Avon Avon have been changing themselves due to the two variables like the monetary downturn and as a major aspect of ceaseless improvement likewise the Avon is both assistance orien

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Oh The Things Ive Seen

Oh The Things I’ve Seen This year’s #IAParty2011 wouldn’t have been complete without a ton of movies, tv shows, and plays to fill my visual cortex! As such, here is a complete listing of all the moving picture shows I’ve viewed in the last month. (Warning: Hold on to your socks) TV Shows: Southland House Lie to Me Bones Men of a Certain Age The Game Meet the Browns Numb3rs Law and Order: SVU Detroit 1-8-7 Greys Anatomy George Lopez No Ordinary Family Big Bang Theory Bad Girls Club (think Jersey Shore but with no guys) Two and a Half Men Law and Order: SVU The Real Housewives of Atlanta Dexter The Defenders NOVA Making Stuff: Smaller Modern Family Sister, Sister Movies: Alex Haley’s ROOTS For Colored Girls Booty Call Takers The Town Angels Demons The Godfather Death at a Funeral The Matrix Our Song Carmen Jones (the real one not the random Beyonce musical remake) Father of Lies (the loooowest budget film I think I have ever seen) Vantage Point Plays: Madea’s Big Happy Family (via dvd) Neighbors by the Company One Troupe (live at the Boston Center for the Arts) Performances: Savion Glover: Solo in Time (live at the Boston Opera House) I also got a chance to take a seminar during the last week of IAP in which we discussed stereotypes and biases in the media and on film. These films were both feature films, commercials, documentaries, and recorded speeches. So of course they added to my lovely list of visuals for the month. Some films we only saw clips of and others we saw most/all of but here they all are: Slaying the Dragon The Cheat Bitter Tea of General Yen Auntie Mame How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans Birth of a Nation King Kong (1939) 100 Years of Lynching Ethnic Notions The Terminator Die Hard Gone with the Wind Reel Bad Arabs The Bronze Screen West Side Story Sayonara Giant Saving Face Smoke Signals Zoot Suit American Me The Great Debaters Killing Me Softly III: A Look at Women in Advertisement Platinum Blonde Some Like It Hot Public Enemy 9 to 5 Gloria Thunder Heart Erin Brockovich What’s Love Got to Do With It? The Best Years of Our Lives Ray Celluloid Closet Brokeback Mountain It’s in the Water Relax… It’s Just Sex Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Desert Hearts What have you seen recently??

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Managing Financial Resources And Decision Making - 3266 Words

TITLE: MANAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND DECISION MAKING Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business British Institute of Technology E-Commerce Managing Financial Resources and Decision Student ID- 48154 Student Name- Nataliya Georgieva Group: J Submission Date: 08-08-2014 Executive Summary The purpose of this assignment is to study the finance sources available to a company. Here according to the assignment requirement, we have to select a British public company to study the available sources of finance from where the firm collects its capital requirement. Following the guidelines we have to analyze various sources with their potentiality and then we make viable analysis of Cash and sales budget. Here some salient financial ratios are employed for the purpose of analyzing the financial statement of the company. Table of Contents Question No Particulars Page Introduction 4 1.1 Sources of finance available to a business 4 1.2 Sources of finance exploited by British Petroleum 5 1.3 Potential benefits of source of finance 6 2.1 Consequences of selecting a particular source 7 2.2 Analysis of sales budget and cash flow situation 8 2.2 Suggestions for improving cash flow situation 9 2.3 Breakeven points of volume 9 3.1 Techniques for capital budgeting 10 3.2 Advice on calculation of investment proposals 12 4.1 Explanation of main ratios for financial statement 14 4.2 Comment on ratios 15 4.3 Factors distorting ratios 17 Conclusions 18 References 19 Appendix:1Show MoreRelatedReporting Practices and Ethics Paper996 Words   |  4 PagesFinancial management is very crucial in today’s health care financial procedures. It is one the most important aspects of the financial health care. There are many assessments made- based the financial records and the business transactions that occur within the health care organization. It is crucial the financial records are kept up- to -date and they follow specific guidelines. The books kept up- to- date and in order, this will show the amount of money being brought into the organization for profitRead MoreManaging Financial Resources and Decisions1091 Words   |  5 PagesUNIT 2: MANAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND DECISIONS Unit 2: Unit code: QCF level: Credit value: Aim Managing Financial Resources and Decisions H/601/0548 4 15 credits The unit aim is to provide learners with an understanding of where and how to access sources of finance for a business, and the skills to use financial information for decision making. Unit abstract This unit is designed to give learners a broad understanding of the sources and availability of finance for a business organisationRead MoreEssay on MBA detail course outline1314 Words   |  6 Pages2011 Human Resource Management Finance Accounting Banking Finance †¢ Organizational Communication †¢ Organizational Communication †¢ Organizational Communication †¢ Organizational Communication †¢ Principles of Management †¢ Principles of Management †¢ Principles of Management †¢ Principles of Management †¢ Research Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Organization Theory †¢ Organization Theory †¢ Financial Accounting Read MoreEvaluate how managing resources and controlling budget costs can improve the performance of a business. D11516 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Evaluate how managing resources and controlling budget costs can improve the performance of a business. (D1) Managing resources of a business can be hard for the business they have to maintain the resources by doing various checks over the years. For example maintaining a physical resource like a building, can be challenging, but in order to maintain it, a business has to insurance the building and the contents need to be in place, if the building needs repairs then they need to be repaired inRead MoreThe Role Of Accounting And Finance Methods1710 Words   |  7 Pageseffectually. The role of financial and non-financial data for strategic decision-making is highlighted in several explanations of accounting. I’ve recognised that accounting can be seen as the method of verifying, measuring and conveying economic data to permit informed findings and decisions by interested users of the data. The awareness of accounting data adds to improved strategic decisions; hence, reporting and accumulating accounting data, controllers can effect the decision-making of managers and directRead MoreUnit 2: Exploring Business Activity Assignment 2 D11593 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Activity Assignment 2 D1 Amendment Subject: How managing the resources of the organisation and effective budgetary control can improve the performance of a business. Introduction: In this report I will be speaking about how managing the resources of an organisation and effective budgetary control can lead to improved performance of a business. Findings/ Main Body: As I have talked about with you before, managing the resources of an organisation and looking closely at its budgetary controlRead MoreIdentifying and Describing the Management Functions1218 Words   |  5 Pagespositioning and governance; financial management; leadership, interpersonal relations, an written and oral communications skills; managing human resources and health professionals; managing human resources and health professionals; managing information; economic and financial analysis to support decision making; governmental health policy formation, regulation, and impact; assessment and understanding of the health status of populations, determinants of health and illness, and managing health risks and behavior;Read MoreIntroduction And Trends Of Organizational Time Management1589 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Review article, â€Å"Your Scarcest Resource,† addresses the modern phenomenon of the lack of control implementation for managing organiza tional time. Communication channels including phone calls, meetings, and emails inefficiently exhaust a company’s scarce time, due to a lack of effective management, and ultimately deplete the time they could focus on their customers. Also, decision-making and innovation slackens and this severely impairs the company’s financial health. Although scheduling technologiesRead MoreDetermining Financial Viability715 Words   |  3 PagesHCA240 September 3, 2012 Determining Financial Viability What’s the difference – Finance and accounting, accounting and finance? Accounting is a necessary input and subfunction to finance (World Academy, n.d.). The treatment of funds and decision making, relate to the primary distinction between accounting and finance. Finance and accounting are not the same, but accounting is concerned with financial records, while finance relies on accounting reports and data base. The future depends on pastRead MoreManagers Need to Know how to Budget1862 Words   |  7 Pagesof financial management can help organization thrive because their leadership and department managers understand the issues that can arise from not knowing the importance of goal settings. Making finance decisions can break or make a company because it allows the organization the ability to be able to analyze the impact of various financial decisions. This includes financial planning, which is put in place to help organizations to overcome obstacles and challenges th rough strategic financial decision

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Religion During The Colonial Period - 1361 Words

Religion during the Colonial Period was a new outbreak to many of the people traveling to the United States. Some people were traveling to the United States for a better life and some were traveling in search of fortune. Religion became a pivotal part of the survival of Mary Rowlandson and Cabeza De Vaca. Their religious views helped them in numerous ways, such as, to heal others, to escape from pain, and to survive the tortures they endured. The use of religion between Mary Rowlandson and Cabeza De Vaca was diverse in several ways during the Colonial Period, yet similar in the ways we use it today. During the Colonial Period many people were traveling in search for a fresh new life. These emigrants were called â€Å"puritans.† Puritans were†¦show more content†¦Mary Rowlandson tried her best to keep her faith and believe in the power of God to help her survive. Conversely, in the book, Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition, Cabeza De Vaca used religion in a more unique way to survive. Not only did he use it to help stay alive, but also to increase his popularity with the Indians to win over their favor and support. Cabeza De Vaca became known as a â€Å"healer† to many of the Indians. At one point, Cabeza De Vaca stated that: And during that time I fared very badly, both from great hunger and from the ill treatment I received from the Indians, which was so bad that I had to flee three times from the masters I had, and they each went looking for me, endeavoring to kill me. And God our Lord, with His mercy, wished to protect me and save me from them. (Vaca, 46) Cabeza De Vaca, winning favor, used his religious views in order to get some of the Indians to treat him kindly. He used his cross and a prayer to heal Indians of wounds and illnesses. Cabeza said, â€Å"So we left those people and went to others, whom we were very well received, and they brought us their sick, who on having the sign of the cross made over them said they were healed† (Vaca, 62). Cabeza thought outside-the-box when using his religious views to ensure his survival. Prayer was a big deal in the hardShow MoreRelatedColonial American Literature844 Words   |  4 Pagesto think about the Colonial Period, most students think of PIlgrims coming to America on the Mayflower. In reality, the Mayflower is really only a small piece of the puzzle. The colonial time period starts in 1492 and goes through 1763. In the two hundred and seventy-one years, Europeans came to America, Native Americans began to focus on the fur trade, and by the end of the time period the â€Å"p opulation of the thirteen colonies was over two million people.† (Colonial Time Period NP) All of those eventsRead MoreThe Major Contributions Of Dissenting Minority Religions And The Collective Efforts Of Non Elite Followers1497 Words   |  6 PagesFocusing on the major contributions of dissenting minority religions and the collective efforts of non-elite followers, Buckley breaks with the trend of ignoring the vast majority of Virginia colonists on subjects not named the Great Awakening. However, his work slips into the realm of presentism with a strong hint of bias when he discusses the uneasy alliance between colonial rationalists and evangelicals in their fight for disestablishment. Buckley argues that although they agreed on many issuesRead MoreApush Chapter 5 Guided Reading Essay1209 Words   |  5 PagesCHAPTER 5: COLONIAL SOCIETY ON THE EVE OF REVOLUTION: 1700-1775 Conquest by the Cradle Know: Thirteen Original Colonies 1. What was the significance of the tremendous growth of population in Britains North American colonies? Britain had an advantage over America with their population in 1700. If Americans wanted to revolt, Britain would outnumber them 25 to 1. However, in 1775, with the population increase (and continuing to increase), Britain’s advantage was weakening. There were now onlyRead MoreIdeology Was More Important Than Culture and Religion for the Growth of Nationalist Movements in the Period Before Wwii. How Far Do You Agree?1559 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant than culture and religion for the growth of nationalist movements in the period before WWII. How far do you agree? Colonial rule had brought about many significant impacts in South East Asian countries which included many dissatisfactions among the natives. Thus, this brought about the rise of nationalist movements. There are many reasons to why there was a development of these movements and the two main reasons for this cause was ideology as well as religion and culture. The spread ofRead MoreThe Impact of Religion on the Development of Colonial America1030 Words   |  5 PagesCompare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society (to 1740) in TWO of the following regions: New England Chesapeake Middle Atlantic The Impact of Religion on the Development of Colonial America During the seventeenth century, colonial America was welcoming many newcomers, several from England. Quantities of these newcomers were seeking land for economic purposes as others were longing for religious toleration. Many of the English colonists settled inRead MoreThe And Treatment Of The Poor Vs. The United States1184 Words   |  5 Pagesthe documents pertaining to colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut (1750s-1780s) revealed that Document N accurately characterizes the time period. The three main ideas found in Document N are ascribed to the treatment of the poor vs. the treatment of the rich, the amount of power-both political and religious-held by Congressionalists, and the presence of religion in the law. In order to further understand the document and fully grasp these ideas, aspects of the time period had to be examined. Two veryRead MoreWomen s Influence On The Formation Of The New Land971 Words   |  4 Pagesfor them. What if I told all that could’ve been different in a new world where women and men could be free, own land, and practice any religion, would you go? Many European settlers fled England with hopes to break free from tradition. Breaking free from old traditions must lead to new traditions, right? Yet, the arrival of settlers not only brought culture, religion, and traditions, but also a system of gender roles. The old ways of life in England influence the formation of the new land. The foundationRead MoreHistorical Periods : Colonial America, Depression And The New Deal And War Prosperity844 Words   |  4 Pagespaper will inform you of three different historical periods: Colonial America, Depression the New Deal and War Prosperity in which an important aspect of mental health happened in each. I will include some religious and economic information for each period due to the relationship that religion and economy had to the way mental illness was viewed and treated in those periods. COLONIAL AMERICA 1647 to 1776 was a time of growth in America, during this time colonist emigrated from Europe to AmericaRead MoreJohn Proctor And The Scarlett Letter1299 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the 16th and 17th century a group of reformed protestant called Puritans had a profound effect on the establishment of Religion, this influenced early American society. Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, The Scarlett Letter texts prevail the theme of Religion and Adultery. These particular authors wrote during the Puritan times and conveyed this time period in their texts while exploring the similarities and difference of Religion and Adultery in the Puritan CommunityRead MoreColonial School vs Modern Era1506 Words   |  7 Pages1. Colonial School vs. Modern Era The impact of schools has been ever changing. From their New England traditions, to civilizing of western settlers, and finally the requirement of educated individuals what schools and education have to do in society is constantly being molded and remolded. New models, ideas, ideals, and requirements for schools are constantly being established and have come a long way from the colonial period to the modern era. During colonial times school and education was used

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The Indigo Spell Chapter Five Free Essays

string(132) " in my tight calorie counting, but I swore I could still taste the sugar from all the wedding cake I’d eaten after the spell\." I LEFT SHORTLY THEREAFTER with the Alchemists and didn’t expect to see Adrian for a little while. He was staying on with the other Moroi a couple more days in Pennsylvania, so there was no chance of a repeat flight together. My trip back to California was quiet and uneventful, though my mind raced with all the developments of the last couple of days. We will write a custom essay sample on The Indigo Spell Chapter Five or any similar topic only for you Order Now Between Ms. Terwilliger’s cryptic warning and my new lead on Marcus, I had plenty to occupy me. A text message from Eddie greeted me when I hailed a cab at the Palm Springs airport: We’re eating at Marquee’s. Wanna join us? A follow-up message soon came: You can drive us back. I directed the driver to take me to a suburb on the far edge of the city rather than Amberwood’s home in Vista Azul. I was hungry, seeing as there’d been no dinner served on the plane in coach, and besides, I wanted my car back in my own hands. When I arrived at the restaurant, I found Eddie and Angeline sitting on one side of a booth with Jill on the other. Immediately, I knew why they’d chosen to eat so far from our school. Being away meant Eddie and Angeline could go out as a couple. Back at Amberwood, everyone thought we were related. Eddie, Jill, and I passed ourselves off as siblings, while Angeline was our cousin. Eddie and Angeline had recently started dating, so they’d had to hide their relationship from our classmates to avoid raising suspicions. We already seemed to attract enough attention as it was. Angeline was cuddled up in Eddie’s arm. Even he looked like he was having a good time, which was nice to see. He took his responsibilities so seriously and was often so tense that it seemed as though it wouldn’t take much to make him snap in two. Angeline – though uncouth, unpredictable, and often inappropriate – had proven remarkably good for him. That didn’t make him any less diligent in his guardian duties, of course. Things were a little different on the opposite side of the table. Jill looked miserable, slumped into the seat with her arms crossed. Her light brown hair hung forward, covering part of her face. After ill-fated romances with a guy who wanted to become a Strigoi and with Eddie’s human roommate, Jill had come to realize that Eddie might very well be the guy for her. It was fitting, too, because for a long time, he’d harbored a secret crush on her, fiercely dedicated to her in the way a knight served his liege lady. He’d never believed he was worthy of Jill, and without any signs of her affection, he’d turned to Angeline – just when Jill had come around and wanted him. At times, it seemed like some sort of Shakespearean comedy . . . until I looked at Jill’s face. Then I’d feel conflicted because I knew if Eddie returned her affection, Angeline would be the one with that sad, sad expression. It was kind of a mess and made me glad to be fr ee of any romantic entanglements. â€Å"Sydney!† Jill beamed when she saw me, brushing her hair away. Maybe it was because she needed the distraction, or maybe it was because Adrian’s new attitude toward me had lifted some of her moodiness. Regardless, I welcomed a return to the old friendliness in her rather than the brooding and accusing looks she’d harbored since I rejected him. â€Å"Hey, guys.† I slid into the booth beside her. Immediately, I opened up my cell phone’s picture album and handed it to her since I knew she’d want to know about the wedding right away. Despite all the intrigue that had gone down there, I had managed to take some pictures without the other Alchemists noticing. Even if she’d seen some of it through Adrian’s eyes, Jill would still want to examine everything in detail. She sighed with happiness as she scanned the pictures. â€Å"Look at Sonya. She’s so pretty.† Angeline and Eddie leaned across the table to get a look. â€Å"Oh. And there’s Rose and Lissa. They look great too.† There was an odd note in Jill’s voice as she spoke. She was friends with Rose, but her half sister was still a bit of an enigma. Jill and Lissa hadn’t even known they were sisters until recently, and the volatile political environment had forced Lissa to behave more as a queen than a sister toward Jill. It was a difficult relationship for both of them. â€Å"Did you have a fun time?† Eddie asked me. I considered my answer for several moments. â€Å"I had an interesting time. There’s still a lot of tension between the Alchemists and your people, so some of it was a little weird.† â€Å"At least Adrian was there. Must have been nice to have someone you know,† said Angeline, in well-meaning ignorance. She pointed to a picture I’d taken of the reception hall. My intent had been to get a full shot of the venue for Jill, but Adrian had happened to walk into the shot, posed and perfect like some handsome spokesmodel hosting the event. â€Å"Always so pretty.† Angeline shook her head in disapproval. â€Å"Everyone there is. I guess that means there weren’t any celebratory wrestling matches?† It was a sign of Angeline’s progress that she’d deduced that so quickly. Her people, the Keepers, lived in the wilds of West Virginia, and their openness to romance between vampires, dhampirs, and humans was only one of their more bizarre customs. Friendly fights broke out often, and Angeline had had to learn that such behaviors weren’t acceptable out here in mainstream America. â€Å"Not while I was there,† I said. â€Å"But hey, maybe something went down after I left.† That brought grins to Jill’s and Eddie’s faces and a hopeful look to Angeline’s. A waitress came by, and I ordered Diet Coke and a salad. Maybe I’d loosened up in my tight calorie counting, but I swore I could still taste the sugar from all the wedding cake I’d eaten after the spell. You read "The Indigo Spell Chapter Five" in category "Essay examples" Angeline tightened her hold on Eddie’s arm and smiled up at him. â€Å"If you ever get to see my home, you can fight my brother Josh to show that you’re worthy of me.† I had to swallow a laugh. I’d seen the Keepers’ community and knew she was absolutely serious. I worked to keep a straight face. â€Å"Aren’t you breaking a lot of rules by being together without that having happened yet?† Angeline nodded, looking a little glum. â€Å"My mom would be so scandalized if she knew. But I guess this is a unique situation.† Eddie smiled indulgently at her. I think sometimes he thought we were exaggerating about the Keepers. He was going to be in for a shock if he ever did visit them. â€Å"Maybe I can fight a bunch of your relatives to make up for it,† he said. â€Å"You might have to,† she said, not realizing he was joking. It was hardly romantic banter, but Jill looked decidedly uncomfortable discussing their relationship. She turned to me, very obviously trying not to look at them. â€Å"Sydney, what are we going to do about Christmas?† I shrugged, unsure what she was asking. â€Å"The usual, I guess. Give presents. Sing songs. Have Yuletide duels.† Angeline lit up at that. Jill rolled her eyes. â€Å"No, I mean, we’re going to be on winter break in a few weeks. Is there any way . . . is there any way we can go home?† There was a plaintive note in her voice, and even Eddie and Angeline broke their mutual admiration to stare at me. I shifted under their scrutiny. Angeline wasn’t as concerned about visiting the Keepers, but I knew Eddie and Jill missed their friends and family. I wished I could give them the answer they wanted to hear. â€Å"I’m sorry,† I said. â€Å"You’ll be staying at Clarence’s for break. We can’t risk . . . well, you know.† I didn’t need to emphasize the need for Jill’s safety. We were all familiar with that refrain. Ian’s comment about how fragile the throne was drove home the importance of what we did. Jill’s face fell. Even Eddie looked disappointed. â€Å"I figured,† she said. â€Å"I just hoped . . . that is, I miss my mom so much.† â€Å"We can probably get a message to her,† I said gently. I knew that was no substitute for the real thing. I was able to make occasional phone calls to my own mom, and hearing her voice was a million times better than any email could be. I even got to talk to my older sister, Carly sometimes, which always cheered me up since she was so bright and funny. My younger sister, Zoe . . . well, she was a different story. She wouldn’t take my calls. She’d nearly been initiated into the Alchemists – to take on this mission, in fact – when I’d stolen it from her. I’d done it to protect her from committing to the Alchemists so young, but she’d seen it as an insult. Looking at Jill’s sad face, I felt my heart clench. She had been through so much. Her new royal status. Targeted by assassins. Fitting in to a human school. Her disastrous and deadly romances. And now enduring Eddie and Angeline. She handled it all with remarkable strength, always resolutely going through with what she had to do even if she didn’t want to do it. Lissa was praised for being such an exemplary queen, but there was a regality and strength to Jill as well that many underestimated. Glancing up, I caught a spark in Eddie’s eyes as he too seemed to recognize and admire that about her. After dinner, I took them back to Amberwood and was pleased to see that my car was in perfect shape. I drove a brown Subaru named Latte, and Eddie was the only other person I trusted behind the wheel. I dropped him off at the boys’ dorm and then took Angeline and Jill back to ours. As we were walking in the door, I caught sight of Mrs. Santos, a teacher I knew by reputation. â€Å"You guys go ahead,† I told Jill and Angeline. â€Å"I’ll see you tomorrow.† They left, and I walked across the lobby, waiting patiently for Mrs. Santos to finish a discussion with our dorm matron, Mrs. Weathers. When Mrs. Santos started to turn around and leave, I caught her attention. â€Å"Mrs. Santos? I’m Sydney Melrose. I wondered if I could – â€Å" â€Å"Oh, yes,† she said. â€Å"I know who you are, dear. Ms. Terwilliger raves about you all the time at our department meetings.† Mrs. Santos was a kindly-looking woman with silver and black hair. Rumor had it she’d be retiring soon. I flushed a little at the praise. â€Å"Thank you, ma’am.† She and Ms. Terwilliger were both history teachers, though Mrs. Santos’s focus was on American history, not world. â€Å"Do you have a minute? I wanted to ask you something.† â€Å"Of course.† We stepped off to the side of the lobby, out of the incoming and outgoing dorm traffic. â€Å"You know a lot about local history, right? Southern California?† Mrs. Santos nodded. â€Å"I was born and raised here.† â€Å"I’m interested in nontraditional architecture in the Los Angeles area,† I told her, the lie rolling easily off my lips. I’d thought about this in advance. â€Å"That is, non-Southwest styles. Do you know any neighborhoods like that? I’d heard there were some Victorian ones.† She brightened. â€Å"Oh, yes. Absolutely. Fascinating subject. Victorian, Cape Cod, Colonial . . . there are all sorts. I don’t have all the information on me, but I could email you when I get home tonight. There are several I know off the top of my head, and I know a historian who could help you with others.† â€Å"That’d be great, ma’am. Thank you so much.† â€Å"Always happy to help a star pupil.† She winked as she started to walk away. â€Å"Maybe next semester you’ll do an independent study with me. Provided you can tear yourself away from Ms. Terwilliger.† â€Å"I’ll keep it in mind,† I said. As soon as she was gone, I texted Ms. Terwilliger. Mrs. Santos is going to tell me about historical neighborhoods. The response came quickly: Excellent. Come over right now. I scowled as I typed back: I just got here. Haven’t even been in my room. To which she replied: Then you can get here that much faster. Maybe that was true, but I still took the time to put my suitcase back in my room and change out of my travel clothes. Ms. Terwilliger lived pretty close to the school and looked as though she’d been pacing in circles when I arrived at her house. â€Å"Finally,† she said. I glanced at the time. â€Å"It’s only been fifteen minutes.† She shook her head and again wore the same grim expression she’d had out in the desert. â€Å"Even that might be too much. Follow me.† Ms. Terwilliger’s home was a little bungalow that could have doubled as a New Age store or possibly a cat shelter. The level of clutter set my teeth on edge. Spell books, incense, statues, crystals, and all sorts of other magical items sat in piles in all rooms of the house. Only her workshop, the room she led me to, was neat and orderly – even to levels I approved of. Everything was clean and organized, to the point of being labeled and alphabetized. A large worktable sat in the center of the room, completely cleared off, save for a stunning necklace I’d never seen before. The chain was made of intricate gold loops, and the pendant was a deep red cabochon stone in a lacy gold setting. â€Å"Garnet?† I asked. â€Å"Very good,† she said, lifting the necklace. The candlelight in the room seemed to make every part of it glitter. â€Å"It’s lovely,† I said. She held it out to me. â€Å"It’s for you.† I stepped back uneasily. â€Å"For . . . me? I . . . I mean, thank you, but I can’t accept a gift like that.† â€Å"It’s not a gift,† she said. â€Å"It’s a necessity. One that might save your life. Take it and put it on.† I refused to touch it. â€Å"It’s magical, isn’t it?† â€Å"Yes,† she said. â€Å"And don’t give me that look. It’s no different from any of the charms you’ve made for yourself.† â€Å"Except that anything you’d make . . .† I swallowed as I stared into the depths of that bloodred jewel. â€Å"It’s going to be a lot more powerful than anything I can create.† â€Å"That’s exactly the point. Now here.† She thrust it so close to me that it nearly swung out and hit me in the face. Steeling myself, I reached out and took it from her. Nothing happened. No smoke or sparks. No searing pain. Seeing her expectant look, I fastened it around my neck, letting the garnet lie next to my cross. She sighed, her relief nearly palpable. â€Å"Just as I’d hoped.† â€Å"What?† I asked. Even if I sensed nothing special about it, the garnet felt heavy around my neck. â€Å"It’s masking your magical ability,† she said. â€Å"No one who meets you should be able to tell that you’re a magic user.† â€Å"I’m not a magic user,† I reminded her sharply. â€Å"I’m an Alchemist.† A small flicker of a smile played over her lips. â€Å"Of course you are – one who uses magic. And to a particularly powerful person, that would be obvious. Magic leaves a mark on your blood that permeates your whole body.† â€Å"What?† I couldn’t have been more shocked if she’d said I’d just contracted a deadly disease. â€Å"You never told me that before!† â€Å"It wasn’t important,† she said with a small shrug. â€Å"Until now. I need you hidden. Do not take that off. Ever.† I put my hands on my hips. â€Å"Ma’am, I don’t understand.† â€Å"All will be revealed in time – â€Å" â€Å"No,† I said. At that moment, I could have been talking to Stanton or any of the countless others who’d used me and fed me pieces of information throughout my life. â€Å"It will be revealed now. If you’ve gotten me into something dangerous, then you either need to get me out of it or tell me how to.† Ms. Terwilliger stared at me for several quiet moments. A gray tabby cat rubbed up against my legs, ruining the seriousness of the moment. â€Å"You’re right,† she said at last. â€Å"I do owe you an explanation. Have a seat.† I sat down on one of the stools by the table, and she sat opposite me. She clasped her hands together in front of her and seemed to be having a hard time gathering her thoughts. I had to force myself to stay calm and patient. Otherwise, the panic that had been gnawing at me since the desert would completely consume me. â€Å"You remember that woman you saw in the picture?† she asked at last. â€Å"Your sister.† Ms. Terwilliger nodded. â€Å"Veronica. She’s ten years older than me and looks half my age, as you could undoubtedly tell. Now, it isn’t difficult to create an illusion. If I wanted to appear young and beautiful, I could – emphasis on appear. But Veronica? She’s actually managed to make her body young and vibrant. It’s an advanced, insidious kind of magic. You can’t defy age like that without making some sacrifices.† She frowned, and my heart pounded. Creating youth made all my Alchemist sensibilities reel. It was nearly as bad as Strigoi immortality, maybe worse if she was talking about a human doing it. That kind of twisted magic had no place in this world. Her next words drove home the wrongness of it all. â€Å"Or, in her case, sacrificing others.† Sacrifice. The very word seemed to poison the air. She stood up and walked over to a shelf, producing a newspaper clipping. Wordlessly, she handed it to me. It was a recent article, from three days ago, talking about a nineteen-year-old UCLA student who’d been found comatose in her dorm room. No one knew what had caused it, and the girl was hospitalized with no indication of when or if she’d wake up. â€Å"What is this?† I asked, not sure I wanted to know the answer. I inspected the article more closely, especially the picture it contained. At first, I wondered why the paper would show a sleeping old woman. Then, reading the fine print, I learned that the coma victim also displayed some unexplained physical symptoms: gray-streaked hair and dry, cracked skin. Doctors were currently investigating rare diseases. I cringed, unable to believe what I saw. She was hideous, and I couldn’t look at her for very long. And just like that, I suddenly understood. Veronica wasn’t sacrificing victims with knives and stone altars. She was conducting some kind of perverse magic on these girls that bent the rules of nature, putting them in this hideous state. My stomach twisted, and I gripped the table for support. â€Å"This girl was one of Veronica’s victims,† confirmed Ms. Terwilliger. â€Å"That’s how she maintains her youth and beauty – by taking it from others. When I read this, I thought – almost hoped – some other magic user was doing it. Not that I’d wish this on anyone. Your scrying spell confirmed she was in the area, however, which means it’s my responsibility to deal with her.† I dared a look down at the article again and felt that nausea well up again. The girl was nineteen. What would it be like to have the life sucked out of you at so young an age? Maybe the coma was a blessing. And how corrupt and twisted would you have to be to do that to someone? I didn’t know how exactly Ms. Terwilliger would â€Å"deal with† her sister and wasn’t sure I wanted to find out. And yet, if Veronica really was doing things like this to innocents, then yes, someone like Ms. Terwilliger needed to stop her. A magical attack of this magnitude was one of the most terrible things I could imagine. It brought back all my ingrained fears about the wrongness of magic. How could I justify using it when it was capable of such horror? Old Alchemist lessons came back to me: Part of what makes the Moroi particularly dangerous is their ability to work magic. No one should be able to twist the world in that way It’s wrong and can easily run out of control. I tuned back into the present. â€Å"How do I fit into this, ma’am? I already figured out where she is. Why am I in danger?† â€Å"Sydney,† Mrs. Terwilliger said, looking at me strangely. â€Å"There are few young women out there with your abilities. Along with youth and beauty, she intends to suck someone’s magic away and use it to make herself that much more powerful. You, my dear, would be the ultimate coup for her.† â€Å"She’s like Strigoi,† I murmured, unable to repress a shiver. Although those undead vampires could feast on anyone, they preferred Moroi because they had magic in their blood. Drinking Moroi blood made Strigoi more powerful, and a chilling thought suddenly hit me. â€Å"Practically a human vampire.† â€Å"Something like that,† Ms. Terwilliger agreed. â€Å"This amulet should hide your power, even from someone as strong as her. She shouldn’t be able to find you.† A calico cat jumped up on the table, and I ran a hand over her sleek fur, taking comfort in the small contact. â€Å"The fact that you keep saying ‘should’ makes me a little nervous. Why would she even come looking in Palm Springs? Does she know about me yet?† â€Å"No. But she knows I’m here, and she may check on me once in a while – so I need to hide you in case she does. I’m in a bind, however, because I need to find her but can’t actively do the hunting. If she finds out I’m investigating, she’ll know that I know she’s here. I can’t alert her. If I have the element of surprise on my side, I’m more likely to stop her.† She frowned. â€Å"I’m honestly surprised she would come so close to me in California at all. Regardless, I need to keep a low profile until it’s time to strike.† Ms. Terwilliger looked at me meaningfully, and I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I began to put together what she was saying. â€Å"You want me to hunt her.† â€Å"It’s not hunting so much as gathering some data. You’re the only one I can trust to do this. She and I can sense each other if we’re close, no matter how much we try to hide our magic. I know this is going to sound shocking, but I actually think it’d be best if you hunted her – even if you’re the one she’s after. You’re one of the few I can trust completely and you’re resourceful enough to pull something like this off.† â€Å"But I’d be putting myself out there. You just said I’d be a big catch for her.† The twists and turns here were mindboggling. â€Å"Yes. Which is why I gave you the amulet. She won’t sense your magic, and if you’re cautious in your investigation, she should have no reason to notice you.† I still wasn’t following the logic here. â€Å"But why me? You have a coven. If you can’t do it yourself, then there must be someone else – a stronger witch – who can do it.† â€Å"Two reasons,† she said. â€Å"One is that you have excellent investigative skills – more so than others older than you. You’re intelligent and resourceful. The other reason . . . well, if another witch goes after her, she might very well kill Veronica.† â€Å"Would that be such a bad thing?† I didn’t like violence and killing by any means, but this might be a case where it was justified, if it could save other lives. â€Å"You said you were going to ‘take care of her.'† â€Å"If I have no choice . . . if I must kill her, then I will.† She looked dejected, and I had a moment of empathy. I loved my two sisters. What would I do if I was ever in a deadly conflict with one of them? Of course, it was hard to imagine Zoe or Carly committing this kind of atrocity. â€Å"However, there are other ways of neutralizing and subduing a magic user. If there’s any way – any way at all – I can do that, I will. My coven sisters won’t feel that way, which is why I need your help.† â€Å"I can’t.† I pushed the stool back and stood up, nearly stepping on a cat in the process. â€Å"There must be some other way you can do this. You know I’m already bogged down in supernatural affairs.† I actually couldn’t bring myself to admit the real reason I wanted to dodge this. It was about more than just risking my life. So far, all my magical interactions had been with Ms. Terwilliger. If I signed on for this, I would be plunging into the world of witches, something I’d sworn I would never do. Ms. Terwilliger tapped the article, and her voice was quiet when she spoke. â€Å"Could you let this happen to other girls, knowing there’s a way you could stop it? I’ve never heard of any of her victims waking up. The way this spell works, Veronica needs to renew it every few years, and it requires five victims within one month. She did this once before, and it caught me off guard. This time, we have warning. Four more people could suffer this fate. Do you want that?† There it was. She’d called me on the other part that had been nagging me because she knew me too well. I couldn’t let innocents suffer, not even if it meant risking myself or facing the fears that haunted me. If I could stop this, I had to. No one deserved the fate of that girl in the paper. â€Å"Of course not.† â€Å"And let’s not forget that you could soon be one of her victims.† I touched the garnet. â€Å"You said I’m hidden.† â€Å"You are, for now. And I hope against all hope you’ll stay that way.† I’d never seen her so grim before, and it was hard to watch. I was used to her prattling, bumbling, no-nonsense nature. â€Å"But here’s something I’ve never told you about how magic users sense each other.† Something I’d learned over the years: it was never a good thing when people said, â€Å"Here’s something I never told you. . . .† I braced myself. â€Å"Untrained magic users have a particular feel that’s unique from the more experienced,† she explained. â€Å"There’s a oh, wild-ness about the magic that surrounds you. It’s easy for advanced witches to sense. My coven keeps track of novice magic users, but those are tightly guarded secrets. Veronica won’t have access to those names, but there are spells she can use that can pick up on some of that untamed magic if it’s near her. It’s how she probably found this poor girl.† Ms. Terwilliger nodded toward the article. The idea of me having some â€Å"wild† magical aura was as shocking as her saying I had magic in my blood. â€Å"When she absorbs a victim,† Ms. Terwilliger continued, â€Å"she gets a burst of that wildness. It fades quickly, but when she possesses it, it can briefly enhance her ability to scry for another untrained victim. The more victims she takes, the stronger that ability will grow. There’s a chance,† Ms. Terwilliger said gravely, â€Å"that it could be enough to break apart the garnet. I don’t know.† She spread out her hands. â€Å"So you’re saying . . . with each victim she attacks, the chance that she’ll find me increases.† â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"All right. I’ll help you hunt for her.† I shoved all my fears and doubts aside. The stakes were too high. My life, the other girls . . . Veronica had to be stopped for all our sakes. Someone like her couldn’t be allowed to go on like this. â€Å"There’s more,† added Ms. Terwilliger. Really? â€Å"More than hunting an evil witch who wants to drain me of my life and power?† â€Å"If we can stop Veronica from finding less powerful victims, we can save their lives and limit her ability to find you.† She produced a small velvet bag and emptied it out onto the table. Several small agate circles fell out. â€Å"These are charms that have some ability to mask magic. Not as strong as the garnet – that would take too long. But they’re a quick fix that might save some of these other girls’ lives.† I knew where this was going. â€Å"And you want me to deliver them.† â€Å"I’m sorry. I know I’m giving you some very difficult tasks here.† This was getting worse and worse. â€Å"Difficult? That’s an understatement. And putting aside the fact that you want me to find a woman who could suck my life away there’s also the very small detail that the Alchemists would flip out if they knew I was involved with any of this.† Ms. Terwilliger didn’t answer right away. She just watched me. A black cat jumped up beside her and joined in the staring. Its yellow-eyed gaze seemed to say Do the right thing. â€Å"Where do I start?† I asked finally. â€Å"Finding that neighborhood is part of it, right?† â€Å"Yes. And I’ll tell you where to find her potential victims, if you’ll do the legwork of warning them. My coven keeps track of them. They’ll be girls very much like you, ones with power who refuse to train and have no mentor to look after them. Once we have a clear fix on Veronica herself . . .† Ms. Terwilliger’s eyes hardened. â€Å"Well, then. That’s when I’ll step in.† Once more, I wondered if I really wanted to know what that entailed. A moment later, she added, â€Å"Oh, and I thought it would be a good idea to obscure your appearance as well.† I brightened. I couldn’t explain it, but somehow, that made me feel immensely better. â€Å"There are a lot of spells for that, right?† I’d seen a number of them in my studies. Even if I had to use magic, it was better to at least look different. â€Å"Yes. . . .† She drummed her fingers against the table. â€Å"But the amulet might not be able to hide you wearing an ‘active’ spell, which would then defeat the whole purpose. What I was actually hoping was that your ‘brother’ Adrian might be able to help.† My legs felt weak, and I sat back down. â€Å"Why on earth should Adrian be involved in this?† â€Å"Well, he seems like he’d do anything for you.† I eyed her, wondering if there was a double meaning in that. Her gaze was far away, her thoughts turned inward. She’d meant her words honestly. â€Å"Veronica wouldn’t be able to detect vampire magic. His power . . . that spirit element he was telling me about . . . it can confuse the mind, right? Affect what others can see?† â€Å"Yes. . . .† She focused on me again, nodding in satisfaction. â€Å"If he could accompany you, help muddle whoever meets you . . . well, that would offer an extra level of protection.† I still didn’t know what all I’d be doing to hunt Ms. Terwilliger’s sister, but it sounded like, at the very least, there’d be a drive to Los Angeles in my future. Me, trapped in another small space with Adrian while he continued with that infuriating â€Å"loving from afar.† I was so caught up in the emotional turmoil that idea caused that it took me a moment to realize the larger issue I was letting myself get sucked into. â€Å"Do you realize what you’re asking?† I said quietly. I touched the garnet again. â€Å"To be a part of this, you’re asking me to expose myself to both human magic and vampire magic. Everything I try to avoid.† Ms. Terwilliger snorted, and for the first time tonight, I saw a return of her usual amused attitude. â€Å"Unless I’m mistaken, you’ve been exposing yourself to both kinds of magic for some time now. So, it can’t go against your beliefs that much.† She paused meaningfully. â€Å"If anything, it seems like it goes against the Alchemists’ beliefs.† â€Å"The Alchemists’ beliefs are my beliefs,† I said quickly. She arched an eyebrow. â€Å"Are they? I would hope your beliefs would be your beliefs.† I’d never thought about it that way before, but I suddenly hoped desperately that her words were true. How to cite The Indigo Spell Chapter Five, Essay examples

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Communication System Of Singapore Airlines †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Communication System Of Singapore Airlines. Answer: Singapore Airlines is a globally renowned brand. It also stands amongst the most profitable airline companies across the globe. Services rendered by Singapore Airlines are the major reasons for the success of the organization and this has helped them to develop an effective image in the competitive business environment of airline industry. Internal and external communication and training related aspects plays crucial role in order to uplift organizational performance. External communication system is essential for developing effective relationship with potential consumers and it also plays vital role in spreading awareness amongst the target audience. Apart from this, external communication is used for advertisement, developing public relations, and the like. It helps the organization to develop a distinctive and effective image in the market in relevance with the competitors. On the other hand, there is an internal communication and training system which contributes pretty high in t he success and growth of the organization (Singapore Airlines, 2018). This report will focus over the internal communication system and training procedures adopted by the Singapore Airlines in order to develop an effective brand image. Internal branding strategy of Singapore Airlines will be covered under this report which will focus over taking care of employees needs and providing them training on the basis of organizational requirements. Employees are considered as the most crucial source for an organization in order to accomplish the desired tasks in the expected manner so that desired goals could easily be acquired. Thus, internal training and branding strategy also plays vital role in the success and growth of the organization. Singapore Airlines (SIA) was established in 1972 and today it is one of the top rated airline companies. It is also known as the flag carrier for Singapore. Apart from Singapore, they serve in various countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and other regions of the globe. In a very short time period, SIA has developed an effective image in the marketplace along with effective goodwill amongst target and potential consumers. SIAs world class services, modern fleet and innovative offerings have won the organization abundant national and international awards over years (Chong, 2007). It was awarded as the best airline company in 2005 by Conde Nest Traveler. Along with this, it was also awarded as the worlds best international airline in the same year by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Success factor of Singapore Airlines is their internal branding strategy which helps them to grow, gain competitive advantage as well as to develop effective relations with consumers and employees (Aaker Joachi msthaler, 2012). Internal Communication System of Singapore Airlines Employee communication system adopted by the Singapore Airlines is majorly concerned with the corporate values and the mission of the company. Primary mission of Singapore Airlines is to be on the peak position in terms of providing airline transportation services in the global category. Apart from this, mission statement of SIA also includes providing best quality services and maximising the rate of return for the benefit of its shareholders and of employees. These are the crucial objectives through which organization will be able to gain its desired goals and the objectives easily and effectively along with attaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. Safety, customers priority, integrity, teamwork and concerned for employees are certain primary corporate values for Singapore Airlines (Baumgarth Schmidt, 2010). People Network department controls employee communication system. This department reports to the Senior Vice-President of Human Resources team and he is the member of management committee which takes all exclusive and important decisions on behalf of the company. Chief Executive Officer is the most senior authority of the organization and Senior Vice-President directly reports to the CEO. Primary role of People Network department is to develop strong and effective relationships amongst employees and management in order to attain desired goals and the objectives. With the help of effective communication system, organization used to share core values, mission and other strategic directions of the company with employees (Chong, 2007). This helps the management to develop a positive image amongst the employees for company. This communication system includes face-to-face meetings, extracurricular activities, and communication channels. These mediums also help the management to conduct int eractive sessions in order to make bond amongst the team members as well as with the management so that expected and effective outcomes could be acquired (Canterberry Gillath, 2013). Apart from the People Network System for developing and maintaining effective relationship amongst the employees and management, organization has also adopted several other options through which core values of the organization are conveyed to the employees through four stages during their tenure. Firstly, it is conveyed while candidates join the company then at the training and development programs. After that, core values of the organization are conveyed to employees through corporate events and lastly through corporate communication channels like Outlook. In these four stages, employees are provided with required and necessary information related to their job (Danthiir, Wilhelm Roberts, 2012). Along with job information, duties and responsibilities are also given to them so that the assigned task could be accomplished in an appropriate manner. Training sessions and development programs are conducted for the employees in order to teach them the way of behaving and treating a consum er, serving a consumer as well as the way of responding a consumers query. With the help of this method, organization is being able to develop an effective image in the marketplace along with developing effective relationship with potential consumers. Regular updates and innovations are also made in these programs through which consumer and employee satisfaction could be enhances as these two are the most crucial pillars for the success of an organization (De Chernatony, 2010). Singapore Airlines internal branding strategy also consist an evaluation system under which companys core values are aligned with behaviour. This alignment is also considered as the crucial performance indicator in terms of employees annual appraisals. Evaluation process helps the employees to determine their performance and the gap between organizational expectations (Chong, 2007). While conducting evaluation programs, consultants arrange additional training sessions for the employees in order to improve weak employees efficiency. Cabin crew is another crucial department which directly interacts with the passengers and serves them. In order to train cabin crew employees, Singapore Airlines management conducts a four month training session under which all aspects are being covered which are essential for rendering best and effective services to the passengers. This training session focuses over soft skills and over functional skills (Foster, Punjaisri Cheng, 2010). Soft skills pertain to the intercultural communication, personal dignity and convincing strategies for negotiating with the demanding passengers. After completion of this four month rigorous training, candidates are asked to face a three stage interview to get selected in the team of cabin crew. Candidates are selected on the basis of their knowledge and skills which were taught in the training and development sessions. Candidates knowledge and learning are being compared with the things which were taught during training sessions. And only most reliable and promising candidates are being appointed in the organization. Once selected candidates join SIA, the training assists them to enrich alignment between the cabin crew's personal value system and Singapore Airlines corporate values. Cabin crew is the most essential department which helps the organization to develop and maintain positive image in front of the passengers. This is the major reason candidates are required to pass three staged rigorous interview (Heracleous Wirtz, 2010). In the initial stages of training, trainees are taught to establish various values like greeting passengers in positive manner, communicating with them with making eye contact. With these ways, passengers could be served in a positive way along with resolving their queries. One of the crucial core values of cabin crew department is customer first. To practice this value, they are trained in such a manner so that cabin crew members could be able to take care of the passengers with a smile on their face infect in duress conditions. In addition, Singapore Airlines provides free language-and-culture classes aimed at improving crew's understanding of their passengers (Heracleous Wirtz, 2012). Training does not stop after four month training programs, it continues for entire tenure of an employee. On the job training method is being adopted by the management of SIA in order to keep its employees updated. This helps the organization to meet with the customers expectations as well as with t he latest market trend. Evaluation program is also practiced continuously in order to match the employees personal values with the organizational core values. This forces the employees to perform adequately as per organizational expectations as well as to pass the evaluation test. It is a continuing process that requires an adequate management attention (Heracleous Wirtz, 2014). Singapore Airlines has also adopted a strategy named SOAR (Service over and above the rest) which describes companys mission to the employees. SOAR strategy also focuses over uplifting organizational performance in comparison to its competitors. This strategy has the potential to align companys core values with the crews personal values which helps them to improve efficiency to serve the passengers appropriately. For instance, one of the core value of SIA is Customer First is connected with the SOAR value which is smile on passengers face while travelling (Kapferer, 2012). SOAR session also includes the sharing of practical scenarios and situations by the previous and experienced crew members in order to aware the new members with the situations which may arise. This helps the crew members to prepare accordingly as well as it is also essential in terms of improving employees efficiency. The four month training program also covers various aspects such as behavioural training, maintaining body language training which includes all elements from face expression to physical appearance in front of the passengers. Combination of core and SOAR values helps the organization to establish strong relations amongst the potential consumers along with acquiring organizational desired objectives. Apart from the cabin crew members, frontline employees also plays vital role in demonstrating companys core values. For this, they are provided with an effective training program known as Transforming Customer Service (Keller, Parameswaran Jacob, 2011). Above mentioned techniques are certain crucial elements through which Singapore Airlines have made their internal branding strategy strong and efficient. In order to improve the performance of the organization along with determining the areas within the organization with the scope of improvement, management of the organization continuously conducts evaluation programs. With the help of these techniques, organization has managed to develop effective relationship amongst the employees and customers. This is the most crucial aspect of internal branding strategy of Singapore Airlines and this has lead the organization to gain competitive advantage. Apart from the internal branding strategy, Singapore Airlines external strategies such as promotional andmarketing strategies are also effective enough. Primary reason of success of the organization is the combination of both internal as well as external branding strategies through which they have attained competitive advantage in the target a nd potential market (Chhabra Sharma, 2014). The efforts which are implemented by the organization in order to produce the goods and services are known as operations. And the management is the term which includes activities through which the strategies are implemented for accomplishing the tasks in an effective. This report will include the discussion regarding the operations management of Singapore Airlines. Along with these variables, there are numerous attributes which needs to be considered while increasing the effectiveness of the services rendered to the target audience. With the help of above factors, organization could determine the effectiveness of their services as well as it is also helpful for the organization to attain its desired goals and the objectives (Pinar, et. al., 2011). Primary aim of increasing the effectiveness of the services or products are to gain more benefits, for increasing the revenues, for increasing the demand of organizational products and services and for gaining the competitive advantage over competitors (Porter, 2011). Along with this, it is quite effective in increasing the customer base and market share of the organization in the international airline industry. Organization would be able to accomplish its desired goals and the objectives on the basis of the managements expectations. With this process, quality of the services could be enhanced on the basis of target audiences requirements as well as on the basis of managements expectations. Along with this, another crucial objective of implementing this process is to provide value added services to the consumers along with the primary service for entertaining the experience of the consumers as well as for uplifting their image in the consumers perceptive for the organization (Sharma Kamalanabhan, 2012). Singapore Airlines has also adopted the customer feedback system in order to generate positive outcomes. This strategy will help the organization to improve the quality and effectiveness of their services in relevance with the customers requirements. This will help the organization to maintain the quality of their services due to which organization will be able to attain its goals and the objectives for expanding their international market presence (Srivastava Thomas, 2010). From the evaluation process, it was observed that more than 83% employees of the organization indicated that they had a clear understanding regarding companys goals and objectives. While evaluating, it was also observed that the crew and non-crew employees understand the effectiveness of training and internal communication system. Employees of Singapore Airlines have rated these programs above average. With the help of these ratings, effectiveness and efficiency of training programs and team building activities could be analysed. These programs help the employees to understand organizational process, requirements and the measures practiced within the workplace in order to accomplish the tasks (Van Deursen van Dijk, 2015). Organization could also easily covey its message and information to the newly joined employees with the help of training and interaction sessions. In summary, Singapore Airlines main motive behind conducting training programs and interactive sessions are enhancing employees efficiency as well as to mould their skills and knowledge as per organizational expectations (King Grace, 2010). Singapore Airlines multi-faceted model also describes the effectiveness of the training and internal communication programs. In the multi-faceted model of corporate identity five aspects are being included i.e. projected identity, professed identity, manifested identity, attributes identity and experienced identity. With the help of these aspects of the multi-faceted model of corporate identity in order to increase the effectiveness of the model as well as to uplift the performance of the organization in the target market, organization has attained its desired goals and objectives along with acquiring relevant competitive advantage (Wilden, Gudergan Lings, 2010). From the aforesaid information, it can be concluded that the Singapore Airlines internal and external branding strategies are effective enough to gain desired outcomes as per managements expectations. This essay concluded the effectiveness of internal branding strategy of the organization along with the components of internal branding strategy. Singapore Airlines was established in 1972 and from that period of time, they had attained an effective place in the international airline industry and primary reason behind this success and growth is the efficiency of their strategies irrespective of internal communication and promotional and advertisement strategies. SIA deserves what they had gained and as per the projections, they will be able to lead the whole airline industry in near future. References Aaker, D.A. and Joachimsthaler, E., 2012.Brand leadership. Simon and Schuster. Baumgarth, C. and Schmidt, M., 2010. How strong is the business-to-business brand in the workforce? An empirically-tested model of internal brand equityin a business-to-business setting.Industrial Marketing Management,39(8), pp.1250-1260. Canterberry, M. and Gillath, O., 2013. 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